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Professional Interpreting and Translating Services

Conference Interpreter M.A.

Publicly appointed and sworn interpreter and translator for German /
English / Russian

Specialization in technical, legal and medical translations

Professional experience: 30+ years

Multilingual services

Fast turnaround on all projects

Stringent document control and proofreading

Final quality control

Consistent terminology throughout the document(s)


Barbara Larumbe
Darshofener Str. 9A · 92331 Parsberg / Germany
+49 1762 – 475 7560 · larumbe@larumbe-
– Conference Interpreter M.A. –
– Sworn Translator German/English/Russian –
– ATA/BDÜ Associate –


Conference and Escort Interpreting for Delegations
Interpreting of conferences, during business meetings, negotiations, seminars,
workshops, press conferences.
Introduction into the historical and cultural background of your foreign
counterparts to build your business relationship.

Court Interpreting
Interpreting of court hearings, depositions, patent litigations, notary´s office,
international court proceedings, arbitration court, state-certified, publicly
appointed and sworn interpreter / translator at the Regional Court Nuremberg-

Consecutive Interpreting
On-site consecutive interpreting provides maximum interpreting accuracy. Speakers
pause frequently (usually every few sentences) to allow the interpreter to speak,
thereby interpreting what the speaker is saying. Because the pauses for
interpretation can add considerably to the communication time, consecutive
interpreting is most appropriate for one-on-one meetings, negotiations, etc.

Simultaneous Interpreting
A simultaneous interpreter, also referred to as conference interpreter, is required
when you need international communication that is virtually seamless. Simultaneous
interpreters translate as they listen, either via audio equipment or by whispering into
the subject’s ear. This type of interpretation is necessary for large meetings,
conferences, etc., where consecutive interpreting is not feasible. Because their work
is especially strenuous, simultaneous interpreters generally work in pairs and require
shorter shifts. Simultaneous interpreting almost always requires the use of
interpretation equipment.

RSI – Remote Simultaneous Interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting on online portals is becoming increasingly important and an
integral part of a conference interpreter´s daily work.

Interpreting Equipment
Rates upon request


Rates vary depending upon the type of service offered. Interpreting is charged by
the hour or by the day. Rates are usually higher for conference and simultaneous
interpreting. Please contact me to get an accurate estimate.


Technical, Scientific, Medical, Legal and Business Translations

Sworn translations of legal documents, court decrees and contracts
Patents / Patent litigations
Medical / pharmaceutical industry
New technologies
Electrical engineering
Mechanical engineering
Automotive industry
Electronics and IT
Energy / Renewable energies
Metallurgical industry
Natural sciences
Ecology & environmental science

Please click on ‘Qualification’ to see my full expertise and check the ATA website www.atanet.org , the website of the German Interpreters and Translators Association www.bdue.de and the Regensburg
Translators website at www.regensburger-uebersetzer.de

Quality assurance is always the first priority in the translation process.

• A translator works with the written word, transferring text from a source language into a target language.
• An interpreter works with the spoken word, transferring the spoken word from a source language into a target language.



• Conference Interpreter M.A.
• Conference Interpreter and Translator Degree (majors in technical/scientific translations, legal/business translations)
• Associate member of the American Translators Association
• Member of the German Association of Interpreters and Translators BDÜ
• 30+ years of experience in translating scientific, technical seminars, conferences, negotiations, training etc.

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Freelance Interpreter/Translator
since 1991

• Conference interpreting, translation services in the U.S. and Europe, technical symposia, negotiations, trade fairs, exhibitions, contract documents, finance, court hearings, patent proceedings, EU conferences (new technologies).
• Framework contracts with European companies, conference interpreting (simultaneous and consecutive), long-time contract interpreter for electrical engineering projects, power plant construction/rehabilitation, steam/gas turbine construction, power plants in Germany/Russia/USA. Long-term cooperation with research centers. Mechanical engineering, automotive industry. Clinical studies, GMP inspections, pharmaceutical industry, FDA audits, EMA inspections.

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Conference Interpreter/Translator for Gertner Trade Co. Vienna/Austria

Company represents over 100 companies from Europe, the US in Austria, Switzerland and Russia. Interpreting of symposia, contract negotiations, training, conferences, escort interpreting for delegations etc. in Russia, USA, UK at metallurgical plants, power plants, electrical and electronic industry, machinery, new technologies, computer technology etc.

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Interpreter at the metallurgical plant BMZ in Belarus
VOEST-ALPINE, Austria 1984-1985

Interpreting of staff training (metallurgical, electrical, media staff, mechanics, toolmakers, steelworkers, management), on-site training, meetings during the commissioning stage of the turnkey project.

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Barbara Larumbe
Darshofener Str. 9A
92331 Parsberg / Germany
Phone: ++49 9492 906 203
Mobile: ++49 1762 475 7560

Barbara Larumbe
Conference Interpreter M.A.
Publicly Appointed and Sworn Translator and Interpreter

Darshofener Str. 9A – 92331 Parsberg / Germany
Phone: ++49 9492 906 203
Mobile: ++49 1762 475 7560

Email: larumbe@larumbe-translators.com

Website: www.larumbe-translators.de
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